The Total Solar Eclipse of 13 November 2012 (UT) observed from Palm Cove, Australia ( -1644.9 South, 14540.3 East).

Photography was secondary to enjoying the eclipse visually. So I mounted my Canon EOS 5 D Mk2 and Canon EF 100-400 mm lens on a Vixen Polarie so that it would track the Sun while the program

"Eclipse Orchestrator" on my Acer Aspire One netbook was commanding the camera to take 39 images during the two minutes of totality. All eclipse images below are oriented with North up.

The setting: we observed from the beach of Palm Cove (north of Cairns, Queensland, Australia).

We knew we would have to be lucky, as it is normal to have clouds over the horizon at that location and that time of year. However, as we were travelling with a group, there was no back-up plan.

The Weathergods had mercy on us and the clouds cleared just long enough to enjoy a splendid eclipse! Up left from the eclipsed Sun is Venus.

Image taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ-10 during totality with automatic exposure. One of the images below was pasted in at the location of the Sun's corona that was overexposed on the original ;-)

Below is a composite image ("Pellet" method), using 7 images combined to show the corona and a selection from the series of images that were made automatically.