My new observatory!    


Finally my dream became reality. An observatory under a dark sky.

True, i still have to cope with the weather in The Netherlands and it is not too dark, but it is convenient and very close to my home. It is some 20 minutes driving.

The observatory is a product of Astrotechniek, which also provided the CP180 mount. See here.

above: the mount base, declination head and little me

the mount has been populated  a bit by now: a Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain 28 cm and a Meade 25 cm Schmidt-Newton and the proud owner and his baby

night night sweethearts ....

two new newtonians: 20 cm F/5.6 and 30 cm F/5.3

transnational top conference in Heeze :-)

Ad Matthijs (NL), Karel Teuwen (B), Josch Hambsch (D) and wine (I)