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Lasix - strong and high-speed, being to sulfonamide derivatives. Lasix blocks system of transport of ions of Na +, K +, Cl-in a thick segment of an ascending knee of a loop to Genl in this connection, his diuretichesky action depends on receipt of a preparation in a gleam of kidney tubules (at the expense of the mechanism of anion transport). Diuretichesky action lasix is connected with oppression of a reabsorption of sodium of chloride in this department of a loop to Genl. Secondary effects in relation to increase in removal of sodium are: increase in amount of emitted urine (at the expense of osmotically connected water) and increase in secretion of potassium in distalny part of a kidney tubule. At the same time removal of ions of calcium and magnesium increases. At decrease in kanaltsevy secretion of furosemide or when binding a preparation with being in a gleam of tubules albumine (for example, at a nephrotic syndrome) the effect of furosemide decreases.
At course reception lasix its diuretichesky activity doesn't decrease as the preparation interrupts kanaltsevo-glomerular feedback in Macula densa (The kanaltsevy structure which has been closely connected with a yukstaglomerulyarny complex). Lasix system renin-angiotensin-aldosteronovoy causes buy lasix stimulation.

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At warm insufficiency of Lasix quickly reduces preloading (at the expense of expansion of veins), reduces pressure in a pulmonary artery and pressure of filling of the left ventricle. This quickly developing effect, apparently, is mediated through effects of prostaglandins and therefore a condition for its development is lack of violations in synthesis of prostaglandins besides what realization of this effect also requires sufficient safety of function of kidneys.
The preparation buy lasix possesses hypotensive action which is caused by increase of an ekskretion of sodium, reduction of volume of circulating blood and decrease in reaction of smooth muscles of vessels by vasoconstrictive incentives (thanks to natriyuretichesky effect furosemide reduces reaction of vessels to the catecholamines which concentration at patients with an arterial hypertension is increased).
After intake of 40 mg lasix purchase effect begins within 60 min. and about 3-6 h proceed.
At the healthy volunteers receiving from 10 to 100 mg lasix, it was observed free shipping and cheap buying.


  • — edematous syndrome at chronic warm insufficiency;
  • — edematous syndrome at chronic kidney insufficiency;
  • — sharp kidney insufficiency, including that at pregnancy and burns (for maintenance of an ekskretion of liquid);
  • — edematous syndrome at a nephrotic syndrome (at a nephrotic syndrome in the forefront there is a treatment of the main disease);
  • — edematous syndrome at liver diseases (in need of addition to treatment by antagonists buying lasix);
  • — arterial hypertension.
  • Contraindications

  • — kidney insufficiency with an anury (in the absence of reaction to furosemide);
  • — hepatic coma;
  • — the expressed gipokaliyemiya;
  • — the expressed giponatriyemiya;
  • — Gipovolemiya (with arterial hypotension or without it) or dehydration;
  • — sharply expressed violations of outflow of urine of any etiology (including unilateral defeat of urinary ways);
  • — digitalisny intoxication;
  • — buy lasix in online pharmacy;
  • — dekompensirovanny aortal and mitralny stenosis, hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy;
  • — increase of the central venous pressure (over 10 mm of mercury. );
  • — Giperurikemiya;
  • — children's age till 3 years (a firm medicinal form);
  • — pregnancy;
  • — period of feeding by a breast.

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