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Metformin has repeatedly confirmed the reputation of an effective anti-diabetic agents. The active substance of the preparation passing through the complicated chemical reaction, reduces the amount of glucose in cells. In diabetics metformin (so called active drug substance ) not cause hypoglycemia, since it does not activate the insulin action. Drug reduces the amount of insulin in the blood and decreases the appetite in patients increases fat burning ( lipolysis). " Elevated " insulin levels in diabetics is the cause of weight gain and the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. Metformin often used along with insulin, because it increases the sensitivity of insulin receptors but also gives the body the accumulated energy in the processed oil. This is the last property of the drug is widely used in sports. Athletes with Metformin like keep fit - " dry " (as it is called in sports slang ). One of the studies showed that the use of the drug substantially reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer.


Tablets dosage of 500 and 850 mg.


  • 1. Diabetes. Especially recommended for use on patients with a heavy weight. Thanks to this drug reduces the risk of complications. Mortality by metformin decreased by 30% in comparison with other antidiabetic drugs. No wonder it is considered the drug of choice in this disease. In diabetes medication adverse events may be hyperglycemia, but it occurs much less frequently than with other drugs.
  • 2. Pre-diabetes - a condition in which the risk canadian metformin of developing diabetes. Metformin in conjunction with diet and exercise wellness avoids state transition step diabetic patient.
  • 3. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome - occurs when hormonal disorders in women. This disease is a good Metformin therapy if the patient impaired glucose tolerance. Also it is used for some other female diseases such as anovulation ( menstrual cycle ).
  • 4. Gestational diabetes - a disease of pregnant women. The disease is in violation of carbohydrate metabolism. The cause of gestational diabetes - changed during pregnancy hormones. The drug has proven successful in treating this disorder. Risk factors for the appearance of " pregnant " Diabetes: late delivery, interrupted before pregnancy, severe gynecological history, a lot of weight.
  • How to buy metformin

    Kidney, liver, and lungs.

    Myocardial infarction. Buy metformin side effects ( a condition in which the disturbed carbohydrate metabolism due to lack of insulin).
    Dehydration. Lactic acidosis ( a disorder in which the blood and tissues accumulate large amounts of lactic acid).
    Low-calorie diet ( 1000 kcal per day).
    Before the radiographic examination with the introduction of iodinated contrast agents, the drug is desirable to cancel. A contrast agent may adversely affect kidney function and cause a delay in drug in the body. In pregnancy, it is only necessary to prescribe a drug for objective indications of where the benefits of it can exceed the potential harm to the fetus. Older people also prescribe medication with caution.

    side effects

    The drug can affect the digestive tract and cause diarrhea. To stop diarrhea, reduce the dose of Metformin. At a dose of 1500 mg, typically no side effects occur even in children. Women often have nausea in patients receiving the drug. In some individual cases, patients feel a strange "metallic" taste in the mouth. More severe adverse events related to the fact that the drug inhibits the secretion of insulin by the pancreas. Severity depends on the dosage. High dosage can lead to hyperglycemia (elevated blood glucose ) is due to the properties of the preparation retain glucose, without letting it penetrate into the cells. Hyperglycemia and follow her hyperglycemic coma may result in death if not in time to help. To prevent hyperglycemia follows the regular order to control the level of glucose in the blood. If its level is elevated, then the course of medication is interrupted for several days, and insulin administered subcutaneously one - two times. If you only use Metformin without a parallel use of other drugs, then after some time, you may receive spillover weakness and lethargy, drowsiness. This is due to the action of metformin substance that reduces glycogen in liver and muscles. Glycogen - a reserve of energy, from which, if necessary, it produces glucose. To remove the sluggish state of drowsiness and can make the insulin injection.


    Drug overdose is extremely rare. Children at a dose of 1700 mg of toxic symptoms are observed.
  • feeling of nausea, sometimes - vomiting.
  • pain in the abdomen.
  • Drowsiness.
  • Rapid pulse.
  • The main danger of overdose - offensive lactic acidosis. The symptom is that the state of abdominal pain and muscle pain, fever, rapid breathing, dizziness, and sometimes - loss of consciousness. In these cases need urgent hospitalization. During therapy with metformin should regularly monitor the functioning of the kidneys. In identifying problems with the kidneys - to give up the drug. Every six months, it is desirable to determine the amount of lactate (lactic acid ) in the plasma.

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