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Production of the USA.
Structure. Hydrochloride.

Effect of the medicine.

Periaktin is an antagonist serotonina and a histamine, possesses ability to stimulate appetite.


For appetite increase, at sharp and chronic allergic diseases, bronchial asthma, migraine and a headache of vascular genesis.


For appetite increase by the adult appoint on 1/2 — 1 tablet buy 3 — 4 times a day or 1 — 2 teaspoons of syrup 3 — 4 times a day; to children from 2 to 6 years — no more than 2 tablets or 4 teaspoons of syrup in day; to children from 6 to 14 years — no more than 3 tablets or 6 teaspoons of syrup in day.
At allergic diseases appoint from 1 to 5 tablets a day. At migraine take 1 pill at once after the beginning of a headache and 1 more tablet in half an hour.


Glaucoma, stomach ulcer, attack of bronchial asthma, advanced age. Preparation don't appoint to children till 2 years. Form of production of medicine. Tablets on 4 mg; syrup on 2 mg in a teaspoon (5 ml).

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