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Substance application Prednisone

I was given those tablets once to help with an allergic reaction, to something I'd eaten. My nasal and throat passages had swollen and I developed a serious rash .... the tablets relieved the swelling but the hospital only gave me 3 days supply. I do remember however that they made the rest of my body swellings go down too which was wonderful but they had little effect on the pain.

I have been on buy Predisone for about 2 months. I have had Fibro for 18 years, and 2 months ago, heath really deteriorated and I was diagnosed with Polymyalgia as well. Dr said Pred would not help the Fibro, just complicate it. But after a week I had my 1st 3 pain free days. Dr said it was possible feeling of euphoria due to steroid. It didn't last. Fibro probs are returning, but Poly pains settled within 24 hours.
Rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, nodular, sklerodermiya, Bekhterev's illness, bronchial asthma, allergic diseases, Addison's illness, sharp insufficiency of bark of adrenal glands, adrenogenital syndrome, hepatitis, hepatic coma, hypoglycemic conditions, lipoidny buy prednisone, various forms of leukemia, order, trombotsitopenichesky purple, haemo lytic anemia, infectious purchase, sharp pancreatitis, puzyrchatka, eczema, itch, eksfoliativny dermatitis, psoriasis, seboreyny dermatitis, red wolf cub, eritrodermiya, alopetion; prevention and shock treatment. Contraindications Hypersensitivity, stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenal gut in an aggravation phase, osteoporosis, Itsenko's illness — Kushinga, tendency to a tromboemboliya, kidney insufficiency, a heavy arterial hypertension, system mycoses, virus infections, the vaccination period, an active form of tuberculosis, productive symptomatology at mental diseases. Restrictions to application
Diabetes, nonspecific infections, latent forms of tuberculosis, pregnancy (especially I trimester). Collateral actions of substance Prednisone

How to buy prednisone

Decrease in resilience to an infection, a hyperglycemia up to development of steroid diabetes, negative nitrogenous balance, osteoporosis, an aseptic necrosis of bones, increase of acidity of gastric juice, ultserogenny action on ZhKT, a gipokaliyemiya, a sodium and water delay, hypostases, an arterial hypertension, increase of coagulability of blood, Itsenko's syndrome — Kushinga, increase in weight of a body, the "crescent-shaped" person, a steroid cataract, latent glaucoma, violation of a menstrual cycle at women, sleeplessness, muscular weakness; the syndrome of cancellation connected with oppression of function or an atrophy of bark of adrenal glands.


Accelerates elimination of barbiturates, penicillin. Phenobarbital, ephedrine increase biotransformation speed. Danger of a gipokaliyemiya increases at a combination with amfoteritsiny and warm glycosides. NPVS increase (mutually) an ultserogennost. At a combination to acetilsalicylic acid possibly gipoprotrombinemiya development. Method of application and doses.
Inside. For adults an initial dose — 20–30 mg per day, a supporting dose — 5–10 mg per day. If necessary the initial dose can make 15–100 mg per day, supporting — 5–15 mg per day. The daily dose should be reduced gradually. For children the initial dose makes 1–2 mg/kg of weight of a body per day in 4–6 receptions, supporting — 300–600 mkg/kg per day. The highest single dose for adults — 15 mg, daily — 100 mg. At urgent conditions big doses of a preparation are used within a short period of time.

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