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Describe briefly for what it is intended and what propecia represents?

Propecia or Finasteride - the preparation intended for treatment of a hair loss and baldness at men and only at men. propecia is issued in the form of tablets which should be accepted on one piece once a day.

What forms of baldness propecia treats?

propecia is intended for treatment of only an androgenic form of baldness ( synonyms: baldness on man's type, hereditary baldness). About 95% of all cases of baldness belong to this type. The preparation isn't intended for treatment of other forms of baldness: focal baldness (Gnezdny alopetion), the baldness caused by a lack of vitamins and nutrients, etc. of forms of baldness. The nature of these forms of baldness absolutely other, than in case of androgenic baldness, and advantage of propecia will be a little or any in general. whether

Can accept women propecia?

No, propecia's application for women is strictly forbidden as it can lead to serious collateral consequences.

Where I can buy a propecia with delivery?

You can order a propecia in our shop. We have low prices and free delivery if you order from 2 packs of medicine.

In what forms is issued a preparation?

propecia is issued in the form of tablets. Each tablet contains 1 mg 47$. The form and type of tablets can differ. As a rule, tablets have a brownish shade, an octagonal form and are covered with a cover. On each tablet "PROPECIA 1", and on the other hand - "MRK 71" is squeezed out on the one hand. the propecia, finasteridobychno tablets are located in plastic flakonchik of a different form and design, depending on the producer. By Flakonchiki, in turn, can be packed into the sets calculated on a course of treatment of 1, 2, 3 and more months. In the photo on the right you see an example of cardboard packing of PRO PAKā„¢ with 3 flakonchik on 30 tablets in everyone.

propecia's What structure?

propecia's active component is Finasteride which was allowed for use under the name Proskar in 1992, for treatment of a giperplaziya of a prostate gland. propecia's tablets contain 1 mg finasteride.

That should be expected from propecia's application?

propecia showed fine results in restoration of growth of hair. propecia usually yields very good results, allowing to restore growth of hair not only on a darkness, but also around frontal high temples. These areas usually difficult give in to treatment. About propecia's efficiency in fight against baldness says that fact that approximately at men who accepted propecia, the number of hair remained the same or increased, and at 66% a significant amount of new hair instead of the dropped out grew. And it were not pushkovy hair (the feeling of that something there, it seems, grows), and the real normal hair. The results reached by different patients, naturally differ. The most important that is proved by clinical tests, the vast majority of patients using propecia, at least, completely keeps that number of hair that they have for today. Present that, having approached to a mirror in two or three years, you will see that you still had same hairdress, as this morning. And good chances that from a mirror other person will look at you with a normal head of hear absolutely.

As quickly should expect results?

Though propecia starts blocking education finasteride (DHT) immediately after the application beginning, to start growth of hair time is necessary. It is necessary to remember that healthy hair grow on the average on centimeter a month therefore time is required to find visible improvement. According to clinical researches, Propetsy needs to accept daily within 3 months or more that the effect - delay and the termination of process of a hair loss became noticeable. In 6 months of application it is possible to notice again growing instead of dropped out hair and it won't be simple a down, and the real hair. In case propecia didn't work within twelve months, its further application, most likely, is inexpedient.

As long should accept propecia?

You should accept propecia until you want to keep the hair, to continue their restoration and increase in quantity. If you stop propecia's application, you, most likely, will lose the hair restored earlier approximately within 12 months. It is necessary to remember that role which propecia in education blocking DHT conversion plays (DHT). At propecia's cancellation this hormone will begin again the destructive impact on hair.

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