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International name. Propranolol.

Structure and release form. Active agent - propranolol a hydrochloride. Tablets 0.01, 0.04 and 0.08 of. Capsules depots of 0.08 g. Solution of 0.1% 5 ml in ampoules.

Pharmacological action.

Not selective beta buying propranolol. Possesses antianginalny, hypotensive and antiarrhytmic effects. Reduces automatism of sinusovy knot, ChSS, slows down AVATARS conductivity, reduces a myocardium order, reduces need of a myocardium for oxygen. Reduces excitability of a myocardium, reduces emergence of the shipping centers, renders propranolol effect. Renders hypotensive effect which is stabilized by the end of the 2nd week of course purpose of a preparation. Increases atherogenous properties of blood.

Indications to propranolol reception.

  • Arterial hypertension;
  • tension stenocardia, unstable stenocardia;
  • sinusovy tachycardia, supraventricular tachycardia, a takhisistolichesky form of blinking of auricles, a supraventricular and ventricular ekstrasistoliya, an essentsialny tremor, a fear syndrome, prevention of migraines, tireotoksichesky crisis.
  • Dispensing mode.

    At an arterial hypertension appoint on 40 mg 2 times per day; at insufficient expressiveness of hypotensive effect the dose is increased to 40 mg by 3 times or on 80 mg 2 times per day. Maximum daily dose of 320 mg. At stenocardia, violations of a warm rhythm appoint in an initial dose on 20 mg 3 times per day; then the dose is increased gradually to 80 mg by 2-3 times; the maximum daily dose - 240 mg. At application of the prolonged form of Propranolol (a capsule depot of 0.08 g) frequency rate of appointment - 1 time per day.
    For prevention of migraines, and also at an essentsialny tremor appoint in an initial dose on 40 mg 2-3 times per day; if necessary a dose gradually increase to 160 mg/days.
    At paroksizmalny violations of a warm rhythm and tireotoksichesky crisis a preparation enter in/in struyno slowly in an initial dose of 1 mg (1 ml of 0.1% of solution); then in 2 minutes enter the same dose of a preparation repeatedly. In the absence of effect in/in introductions repeat before achievement of the maximum dose 10 mg, under control the HELL and an electrocardiogram.

    Side effects.

    Bradycardia, AVATARS blockade, bronchospasm, warm insufficiency, muscular weakness. Seldom - a headache, sleeplessness, dreadful dreams, an adynamy, decrease in ability to fast mental and motive reactions, excitement, a depression, paresteziya and a cold snap of extremities, nausea, diarrhea, a lock, skin allergic reactions, an exacerbation of psoriasis, a hypoglycemia, sight violation.
    Contraindications at propranolol application. AVATARS blockade of II and the III degrees, sinoaurikulyarny blockade, bradycardia (ChSS less than 55 blows in min.), a syndrome of weakness of sinusovy knot, arterial hypotonia, chronic warm insufficiency of the II B-III of a stage, sharp warm insufficiency, vazomotorny rhinitis, Reynaud's illness and other obliterating diseases of vessels, metabolic acidosis.

    Special instructions.

    With care appoint Propranolol to pregnant women and feeding women, and also patients with violations of function of a liver, kidneys, diabetes. The pregnant women accepting Propranolol, have to stop its reception for 48-72 h before childbirth;
    continuous control of a condition of the newborn is necessary. Patients with feokhromotsitomy can appoint a preparation only after reception buy propranolol. The termination of a long course of treatment has to happen gradually under supervision of the doctor. For some days before carrying out an anesthesia by chloroform or air it is necessary to stop preparation reception. Against treatment by Propranolol it is necessary to avoid in/in introductions of antagonists of calcium - verapamil.

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