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Silagra - one more generic a form (exact analog) Viagra (Pfizer). Silagra has the same efficiency, as Viagra, but costs cheaper. Risk on Silagra's tablet allows to divide it into two parts and to receive instead of one tablet 100 mg two doses on 50 mg that is very convenient.

General information

Silagra allows to restore a potentiality of the man, to reach an erection and to hold it instead of 1-2 minutes more than 8-12 minutes.
The preparation belongs to inhibitors order online 5 types. Expands blood vessels of a penis at sexual excitement, the blood-groove in a penis that promotes approach of a normal erection as a result amplifies.

Packing form, structure and dosage

Pack with the blister with 4 tablets. Each tablet contains buying 100 mg. Risk on Silagra's tablet allows to divide it into two parts and to receive instead of one tablet 100 mg two doses on 50 mg. It is very convenient if the smaller dosage suffices to you.

Indications to application

The preparation is applied at treatment of sexual frustration at men. It is appointed at difficulties with achievement of an erection and its deduction throughout sufficient time.

How to buy silagra ?

For the majority of men the daily dose makes 50 mg. The preparation in a dose of 100 mg should be accepted only according to the recommendation of the doctor. The preparation should be accepted approximately in one hour prior to sexual intercourse. At reception on an empty stomach action is shown quicker. Swallow a tablet entirely and wash down with a small amount of water. To accept no more once every day. To receive the maximum advantage of a product, before its reception it isn't necessary to take a large number alcohol.

Use how buy silagra online

You should report to the doctor about all products which you accept. The preparation can be accepted with other medicines only if it is recommended the doctor. The preparation can cause undesirable actions strengthening of action of drugs which call nitrates and donators of an acyclovir oxide of nitrogen (use for stenocardia treatment). At the same time this product and them shouldn't be accepted. The preparation can't be used in combination with other preparations intended for treatment of the broken erection.


Allergic reaction to a product or any component of a product (itch, rash, face edema or lips, short wind). It is necessary to consult before product reception with the doctor if you suffer any of the listed below conditions: crescent and cellular anemia, leukemia, multiple myeloma or illness or penis deformation; not frequent an illness of the eyes, called pigmentary retinity, stomach ulcer and the diseases, being accompanied bleedings (for example, hemophilia).

Collateral actions

Headache and inflow to the person; digestion violations, dizziness, nose congestion, sight change (change of color of objects, high brightness of light or sight order silagra online). These undesirable effects usually easily both are moderately expressed and remain not for long.

Detail item

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