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Contact Form Spectroscopic observations nova RS Oph 2021

K. Geary, Killann, Shercock, County Cavan, Ireland, reports an eruption of the recurrent nova RS Oph on Aug. 8.93 UT at visual magnitude 6.0.

Independent detection of the eruption was reported by A. Amorim, Florianopolis, Brazil, who provides his visual magnitude estimates: Aug. 8.91, 5.0 (10x50 binoculars); 8.95, 5.0 (naked eye).

Kirill Sokolovsky observed RS Oph at 4.77V on Aug. 09.12432UT.

The latest eruption of RS Oph occurred in Feb. 2006, when it reached visual mag 4.5.

(CBET 5013, vsnet-alert 26134)

A comprehensive text by Steve Shore to understand the event and the formation/evolution of the spectra

Observation with C11 + LhiresIII with 2400l/mm grating and SX 814 ccd-camera for H-alpha detail @ 6562.801 Å.

Data available for download on ARAS novae database and AAVSO AVSpec database