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10 dec  2008

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10 december 2008

A first preview of V5 development can be seen at this SITE

1 jan 2008
News :RegiStax V5 Development has started

After a long sleep the RegiStax Development team has woken up.
With over 45 000 downloads of RegiStax V4 on the counter and no need for intermediate releases the team is currently waking up from its long and well deserved sleep.

Current development is in the stage of exploring new ideas. Users that have ideas for the next version of RegiStax are kindly requested to send these using the error-report module of RegiStax V4. To do this, startup RegiStax, go to the about page and click on the “SUBMIT ERROR” link. Change the Subject of the mail to IDEA for REGISTAX V5 please.

with kind regards

20 nov 2006

Registax V4 becomes Hot Product 2007 in S&T and the 1st Update is available !
We got a letter from Sky & Telescope telling us that RegiStax V4 has been choosen as a hot product 2007!  To celebrate this news we have just made the 1st update available for download (see more on the changes below). Hopefully this will clear most of the minor/major issues we have been informed about in the 3 weeks since the initial version was released. The update and installing instructions can be found at the download section.

                                                        18 nov 2006

The first Update is on its way !!

We are delighted to see that so many people (over 9000 as I am writing this) have downloaded the new version. The results we are able to see at many fora are great. We however knew that our release would not be flawless but the 3 weeks since the release have been not too difficult to survive.

Several error-reports have come in (see error-reports) and most of these have been cured now in a new update ( that will be available soon. The following major issues have been solved:
- usage of debayered AVI’s leading to stacking-errors
- user screensetting of less than 24 bit colourdepth leading to errors
- loading of large JPG images leading to errors when using “full image preview”
- stacking of SER-sequences leading to blurred results
- not updated FITs display during manual alignment leading to misaligned sequences
- TIFF and resampling was not disabled (as in V3)
- using 2-3 frames lead to stacking errors

Newly added:
- Automatic version checking (user definable) over the internet.
If the PC you are using is connected to the internet you can set RegiStax to look for updates automatically at startup (once a day the most !). This will signal if any new update is available.

cheers on behalf of the developmentteam



2 nov 2006

Safely Released V4

Dear RegiStax-users,

We are pleased to confirm that on the 29th of october we have released
RegiStax V4. The upload took place at around 14:20 GMT during a meeting in cooperation with Philippus Lansbergen The Netherlands) and QCUIAG2006 (United Kingdom).

As we could expect with a new version that gets tested by many more individuals we have some bugs reported. We suggest to follow the instructions (see current Error-reports) and use the ABOUT page of RegiStax to inform us on what is going wrong. Using the procedure we suggest I am sure most bugs will be cured fast. Help us and your fellow RegiStax-users by reporting bugs !!


Cor Berrevoets (The Netherlands)


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