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The family is growing bigger! 30 May 2004

From left to right: Arie, Karen, Joris, Anne-Bente, Paul and Cocky.

the 'kids' separately

Joris, Anne-Bente, Marlous, Marieke and Thijs (last three related to Aries sister Gea)

Both daughters had just bought a house!


From left to right: Cocky, Arie, Anne-Bente (24) and Karen (27). This picture was taken in august 1997, during my birthday (53). His shirt reads in French: "Merde! Un an de plus" (shit, another year). He got it from his younger brother Martin on my 50th birthday. The second photo is from my birthday party, April 2000.

I am an assistant chemist and work parttime. Karen became a clinical psychologist at the University of Nijmegen. She now has an appartment of her own there and shares it with lots of animals. Anne-Bente is still studying, social work. She lives in an appartment in the centre of Eindhoven, together with a cute kitten.


Where we live ....

We live since 1971 at the red hot spot in Western Europe (the Netherlands, also called Holland), 140 km south of Amsterdam. London and Paris are a couple of hundred km's away. The language we speak is Dutch, a teutonic language. It should be distinguished from Deutsch, the German word for German. Dutch is also not a German dialect as some German seem to believe. Flemish (the Dutch which one speaks in Northern Belgium), Luxemburgian, German, Yiddish, Frisian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Faeroese, English and even Afrikaans (Dutch spoken in South-Africa and quite unchanged since the Dutch came to this country) are also in this same teutonic language group.


Holland is a small and highly populated country. In the 17th century it was the mightiest country in the world, but it seems this is no longer true today. We still earn a great deal of our money to trade and agriculture (e.g. flowers), but also now to logistics and industry. And we are very fortunate to have our natural gas reserves!

What we do ....

One of my hobbies is rubber stamping. For some examples of postcards, made by rubber stamps, click here.

I am also involved in 5W, i.e. Women Welcome Women (World Wide), a worldwide network of women of all kinds, young and old. It was originated by an English woman, who returned from the airfield after bringing her children, who would have fun somewhere in the world, travelling and visiting friends. She thought: Why they and not me? Why can only the young ones have that kind of fun? Thereupon she established a network of women, nowadays containing many thousands of women. At least once a year I travel to somewhere in the world, visiting meetings and friends: the USA, Ukraine, Australia, even Belgium. See for the other WWW:

Recent holidays:

In 1997, we went to the isle of Terschelling, 'only'. On this isle - and Harlingen - are Arie's roots. We use to spend one or two weeks there every year, with the two brothers and two sisters plus kids. This phenomenon - a joint holiday - seems to be quite unique in families! Probably because we won't have to fight for money, simply because there is none. Terschelling is kind of a little paradise to Arie and I like it a lot also. Large clean beaches, dunes, lots of interesting birds, and even in the high season few tourists at the north-west coast, because you have to walk for more then half an hour to reach this area.

Arie is ....

well see for yourself on his homepage: Click here

and go to the bottom of this page. His hobby is astrophotography and his homepage depicts many a photo he has taken.

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