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This image of comet 29P/Schwassmanna-Wachmann shows a weak coma of about 1'17 "and a bright coma exhibits a spiral structure, which departs from north to eastwards to stop on the southern direction. The inner coma (spiral structure) has a coma diameter of 17 arc seconds. The outer coma is not circular but has a fan shape. also a very weak kind of jet can be seen by a pa of 58 °. Af(rho) of 5680cm has been measured for a rho=10000km (wihtout pa-correction). Image taken by Wim Cuppens by use of remote telescope: 2.0-m Faulkes Telescope South - Australia with R-Bessel filter in 2x2 binning. Exposuretime 100 sec.

Observer: Wim Cuppens - Measurer: Erik Bryssinck - Af(rho): Wim Cuppens - image-processing: Erik Bryssinck

29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann  -  11 may 2012