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Copyright - terms of use

Enjoy reading the data and watching the images. Allmost all the images are unmarked, but that does not mean that they are not copyrighted. Unless otherwise stated all pictures are made by myself, and the usual copyright laws apply to both the images and the texts as explained in the following text below:

Is permission always required to copy data or use an image?

People can use copyright works without permission from the copyright owner, such as for private study or noncommercial research but only i ask is to mention credits.   If permission is required to use an image (like publishing in commercial papers, time-magazines etc...), permission will need to be obtained from all the copyright owners,  whether it is a single image with numerous creators, a licensed image, or an image with embedded copyright works.

What if there is no © (copyright) symbol, year or name with the image?

The copyright symbol does not have to be present for copyright to exist, so just because there is no name or copyright symbol associated with a photo or image does not mean the image is not protected by copyright.

Sometimes uploading and downloading images causes the associated metadata to be removed accidentally. Metadata is embedded within the image and can give details of the copyright owner. Deliberate removal of metadata that identifies the copyright owner is unlawful.

The images and data/texts may be used for private use, but not redistributed in whatever way and on whatever media (on-line and off-line) or commercially used without my prior permission.

I am always willing to cooperate 'free of charge' in scientific publications and will provide permission for the use of my images and data/texts in them - with clearly credits -, provided the goal of that scientific publication is properly explained and the use of the images and data/texts within it meets my approval.

Erik Bryssinck - year 2012