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BRIXIIS Astronomical Observatory
Welcome to the website of BRIXIIS Observatory, the main work of  the observatory is observations of comets, in particular astrometry, photometry and Afρ

ORION OPTICS AG16 telescope,

O.-4m f/3,8

Correction Wynne based

Camera: STL-6303E

Photometric Custom Scientific BVRI-Clear

Astrodonn SLOAN  

 r’2 & i’2 filters

FLI ATLAS focuser

ASA DDM85 mount

Pixelres.: 1.2 arcs


C11 0.28-m f/10 telescope

LHiResIII spectrograph grating: 2400 l/mm

Trius SX814 camera

The BRIXIIS observatory is a privat astronomical observatory that you can find in Kruibeke, Belgium. About 10 km South of Antwerp near the river 'De Schelde”. The observatory is running and operated by me (Erik Bryssinck)

BRIXIIS  was builded in 2005 and houses an 0.4-m diameter telescope initial on a 10Micron GM2000 Qci mount and upgraded to a ASA DDM85 standard mount in june 2013.  In june 2012 was the SBIG ST-10XME camera upgraded to a scientific SBIG STL-6303E camera.

In the same year 2005, a couple of months before starting of building the observatory, I started with observing comets and do af(rho)-measurements on comets in collaboration for CARA-team of Italy.

The observatory was started with a program for Minor planets (astrometry) in 2009 and the observatory was allocated with observatory-code B96 by the Minor Planet Center on april 2009.

I decided in 2014 to start with astro-spectroscopy. The observatory was extended in august 2014 with a L200 spectroscope with several gratings from 150 l/mm to 1800 l/mm and is adapted to a Celestron 11” telescope with Starlight-Xpress Trius SX814. The observatory was also extended in march 2016 with a ALPY600 spectroscope for use on the 0.4-m f/4 telescope (without correction).

In nov.2017, a second dome-observatory was builded, dedicated for high resolution spectroscopy with C11 + L200 spectroscope on my 10Micron GM2000 Qci mount. In sept.2018 was the L200 spectrograph replaced by a high resolution Littrow spectrograph LHiResIII with 2400 l/mm grating.

The main work for BRIXIIS observatory is:

What is BRIXIIS meaning ? BRIXIIS is the oldest Latin spelling found of my surname (ca.1293).