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Contact Form Spectroscopic observation of comet 46P/WIRTANEN - 12 dec.  2018

Equipment & data:

Date: 12 dec. 2018 - 20:29 UT

Telescope: Newton 0.4-m f/4

Mount: ASA DDM85 - tracking on comet

Tracking: on comet - no guiding

Grating: 600 l/mm

Spectrograph: ALPY600 slit spectrograph

Exposuretime: 10 x 600 sec in 2x2bin

Camera: Starlight Xpress SXVR694 (pix: 4.5 µm)

CCD temp.: -25 °C

Dispersion: 4.88 A/px

Resolution: 450 @ 5165 Angstrom

Software processing: BASS Project v.1.9.7

Magnitude core of comet: 11.3

Dark and flat corrected

Background substraction

Sun G2V substraction

Instrument respons corrected

Raw image from spectrograph after substraction of the background (light-pollution)