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Contact Form Spectra ζ Ophiuchi - HD149757

Observations date




0.28-m f/10 - L200 - Trius SX814

1800 l/mm


0.28-m f/10 - LHiResIII - Trius SX814

2400 l/mm


0.28-m f/10 - LHiResIII - Trius SX814

2400 l/mm

Ophiuchus - ζ Ophiuchi - HD149757 - magn.  2.57

ζ Ophiuchi is an enormous star with more than 19 times the Sun's mass with a visual magnitude of 2.57 and surface temperature of about 38.000°K.   This star is roughly halfway through the initial phase of its stellar evolution and will, within the next few million years, expand into a red supergiant star wider than the orbit of Jupiter before ending its life in a supernova explosion leaving behind a neutron star or pulsar.  This is a young star with an age of only three million years.[6] Its luminosity is varying in a periodic manner similar to a Beta Cephei variable. This periodicity has a dozen or more frequencies ranging between 1–10 cycles per day. In 1979, examination of the spectrum of this star found "moving bumps" in its helium line profiles.