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RegiStax 5.1: Updated features (DRIZZLE)

The Drizzle function of RegiStax was added in one of the early versions but never was as good as we wanted the function to be. Thats why we have spend considerable time in getting Drizzle working. The current drizzle function is the result of this. Drizzle now restricted to enlarge images by a default of 2x. In the previous versions smaller and larger drizzle resizing was possible. Drizzle can be activated at 2 locations in RegiStax, at the Resample/Drizzle section of the Optimizer-page and at the Drizzle section of the stacking page. The reason for this is simple, if you use Optimize&Stack you probably want to set the Drizzle function allready at the optimizer-page. If you go manually to the stacking page (after pressing Optimize) you can also activate drizzle at that stage. But we have enhanced the options to use Drizzle even more, now you can stack without drizzle, inspect your image at the waveletpage. Then decide you want to drizzle the image, in the old system you would need to return to the optimizer, not in RegiStax 5.1. You simply step back to the stackingpage and set Drizzle ON and stack again.

Drizzle has only one variable you can set, Relative pixelsize. That is located at the Stackingpage, the default value is 50%. Using a smaller value will create a drizzled image with "smaller" pixels used during drizzling. If you have a large amount of frames a smaller relative pixelsize can be very usefull to increase the imagequality. During development we found that image-sequences often have a best setting of relative pixelsize. If you use a larger pixelsize you get less details and if you use a smaller pixelsize you get more noise in the image.


Here's an example of an image processed without drizzle, only 1 alignpoint on the central crater.
 We now step back to stacking and stack using drizzle and a 30% (left) and a  50%(right) relative pixelsize.

Its clear that 30% relative pixelsize gives problems in this case. The 50% works as planned.

Drizzle now also works with all other options of the stackingpage, so you can use the FastStacking method. Use Seams etc.