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RegiStax 5.1: Updated features (NORMALIZE INTENSITY)

This function used to be one of the less used features at the stacking stage of RegiStax. In the new 5.1 release we think it is wise to have this function ON by default. Normalize intensity has always been used during stacking to improve the final stack for a sequence of images where the intensity of the image changes a lot. The previous implementation was however not flawless. These problems showed up when a sequence of frames was stacked using multipoint alignment, seams would form in the image that could not be cleared using the feather option. Thats why we have redesigned this function.
This image shows the problem we had before, using normalize intensity would not clear these seams. They had to do with differences in the average intensity of the frames and the fact that during stacking (multipoint) different frames were used for different sections creating small differences in average intensity over the image.

And this shows the same frame stacked with the new normalize intensity function activated.
The seams have gone !

(images courtesy of Bart Declerq)