Last update:
4 november   2006

 RegiStax V4
 RegiStax V3

RegiStax V4 Status: several errors reported
There are currently (not unexpected) some errors reported, the nature of these errors is not completely known yet. We will report known errors and solutions on these pages.

Resampling TIFF/PNG/FIT leads to errors during stacking.
Unfortunately we have not “closed” this option. Like in V3 its not possible to use the resampling option when you are processing any of these or the 16bit AVI-formats.
In the next update we will close this function.

At stacking stage :Access violation at address 005004BA in module RegiStax4.exe
This error seems to happen when the colour-depth of your screensetting is 16bit. To change this rightclick on the desktopscreen and change the settings to 24 or 32 bit colours.

At several stages : filesize (pixels) suddenly changes during processing of DEBAYERed frames.
This error seems to happen frequently and is currently under repair. A new version is being tested by several people. If this result is OK we will update the current release.

During stacking: Small stacks give errors
Stacks of less than 3 frames seem to sometimes give errors and odd results (interference). The solution for this is getting tested currently. If this result is OK we will update the current release.

How to submit errors ?

RegiStax allows the user to send an error report directly. Startup RegiStax and go to the about page (rightmost tab).

On that page you will see a link “submit your errors by email”, clicking that link will allow you to send a message to the developmentteam.

For a proper handling of errors please provide us with as much info as you can. Most important is what type of error happened and at what stage. But the history of your actions is as important, what did you do from starting RegiStax till the moment the error appeared. Which settings did you have “ON” and which options did you use.

To make sure the error is not a so-called “glitch” I suggest to startup RegiStax once more and use the list of actions you have written down once more to test if the error is repeatable. In most cases we can easily solve repeatable errors but the “glitch” like errors are another issue !


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