Last update:
22 october   2006

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 RegiStax V4

List of changes/additions (under construction)

The interface has been rebuild once more. We have removed the tabs on the  rightside of the windows and extended the a controlbar with tabs (see Interface). Also the messagewindows now come in a different format and they can sometimes be used to set certain defaults.

Batch-mode Operation
RegiStax now can be operated also in a batchmode on AVI-files using a (currently limited) set of operators that allow you to align/optimize/stack and save the result. The command-list allows you to set:
-filename to be processed
-default directory
-alignmentpoint X,Y (for single alignment)
-alignmentpointfile (for multiple alignment)
-first/last frame to process (block processing)
-number of frames to be stacked
-create reference (number of frames)
-waveletsettings (filename)
-autosave results (format)
-autoexit after processing

Added Input formats:
Two sequential (multiple frames in a single file ) formats have been added both aiming at the output of Lumenera stylecamera’s:
-16 bit (per channel) AVI format based on
K3CCDtools format (Peter Katreniak)
-16 bit (per channel) SER format based on
LucamRecorder (Heiko Wilkens)

- 3 alignmentmethods (single, multi-point and none)
- view full image (during alignment and during positioning of alignmentpoints)
- user defined alignmentbox (draw an alignmentbox -single alignment around a feature)
- option to “ignore” warnings (and frames) that are misaligned
- allows you to define which messages (during alignment/optimisation) to show
- predefined fits/tif image-stretching (usefull when datasets for instance do not span the full 16bits of a file makeing the preview look very dark)
- automated detection of actual used “bitdepth” of imageformats (only for >8bits) to the nearest 2^n level


















Multipoint Examples

Currently several examples of multi-point alignment have been added to the website.

Cor Berrevoets

Eric Roel Schreurs

Philippe Vercoutter