25 nov 2008 Sneak preview V5 - Optimizer

Optimize in one go
The optimizer was not changed a lot in terms of new functionality, but one major change is really important. In RegiStax V4 we optimized every alignpoint seperately, in RegiStax V5 all alignpoints are optimized simultaneously. Especially with large volumes of frames this brings down processing time considerably since every frame only has to be loaded once.  If a users still feels more comfortable using the V4 way of optimizing V4 style can be set.

Another important change was made to the Create-Reference procedure. In RegiStax V4 Create Reference would make a referenceframe optimizing and stacking the X (user set) best frames of alignpoint 1. For all other alignpoints this ment using not necessarily using the best frames also since the collection of frames used for the stack was based solely on alignpoint 1. In RegiStax V5 Create-Reference will use a set of frames that will give the best X frames for every alignpoint. This will increase the total amount of frames used during Create-Reference but will give better end-results for each alignpoint.