25 nov 2008 Sneak preview V5


Processing capacity and speed
- support for large AVI files (>1Gb)
- support of MPEG (limited*)
- processing of up to 50 000 frames (was 10 000 frames)
- alignment of up to 500 alignpoints (was 100 alignpoints)
- Maximum final image (4000 x 4000)

(Tests run on 1.67 Ghz Intel Duo core CPU with 2Gb RAM using Windows Vista)

 1000 frame(640x480) uncompressed AVI using 10 Alignpoints (64x64) all frames were used for aligning/optimizing/stacking. The optimizer was set to a search area of 2 pixels and stacking used the fast method.

                    Alignment      Optimizing        Stacking             Total
RegiStax 4       4:35              22:45             1:10               28:30
RegiStax 5       1:35                3:45             1:10                 6:30

New (or improved) Features 
new quality estimator (gradient 2)
- pre-blurring for difficult to track image-sequences
- Region of interest processing
- Automatic alignpoint estimator 
- Alignpoint grid (matrix) generator
- image derotation (only when using multiple alignment)
- Referenceframe creation using best frames per alignmentpoint
- Direct testing of the effect of larger/smaller stacksizes
- Comparing effects of different settings in wavelet-area
- dragging large images during viewing
- Full view of large images at all stages
- 2x zoomwindow with 4 resampling styles

- Floating toolwindows also outside RegiStax main window
- Recorded position of toolwindows including docked windows
- Several colourschemes/skins
- Option to save user specified setup of toolwindows 
- more messages without need of user followup 
- user specified stepping during automatic processing